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headcanon post. [under construction]

- Kay's full name is Kay Alexis Aderyn-Faraday. "Alexis" was her mother's idea. Byrne wanted a short, simple name.
- She was born on Oct. 26, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, although she lives farther from the rest of the AA people and goes to school in another city.
- She recently finished her senior year in high school, so she graduated, but is in the process of looking for a good university.
- Her blood type is O.

- Kay has cosplayed Princess Misola from Jammin' Ninja but it bled her savings dry. She isn't a regular cosplayer and only cosplays when a character pings her enough. But she does go to conventions to look for collectible items, figures and stuff like that.
- She is into video games and plays with her cousins a lot. Her fortes are rhythm and shooting games, but she tends to rush in when it comes to strategic games.
- Her favorite movies and TV shows and books are usually of the action/adventure variety but she'll dabble in mystery and rom-com. Kay doesn't mind drama (and likes a healthy amount) but when there's too much of it on soap opera levels, she'll gag.
- Kay learned how to play the guitar when she was in junior high, but the Jammin' Ninja made her really take her lessons seriously, and made her keep going after she stopped for a year.

- Kay's parents are Byrne Faraday and Robin Aderyn. They first met when Robin was a witness for a crime Byrne was prosecuting, and kept in touch even after the case was closed. She admired Byrne's determination to expose the truth and put criminals behind bars, while he was taken in by how calm she was on the stand.
- Robin worked with a chain of restaurants and also handled catering services. She had long, wavy black hair and hazel eyes, and was originally from New York. When Kay was born, she became a consultant and worked from home.
- After winning a big murder case and while the crowd was cheering, Byrne asked Robin to approach the prosecution desk, where he proposed to her in front of the audience, the attorneys, and the judge.
- Badd was around when Kay was born; Byrne called him when Robin started going into labor. Badd visited often and would sometimes be on babysitting duty when he had no work and both parents were gone.
- Robin died of serious illness when Kay was only four, and when that happened, Byrne took a week off from work, and he and Kay spent that week on the beach, at a little house that Byrne had bought from one of the witnesses in his cases, just mourning but at the same time working up the strength to move on.
- When she was nine, she watched a ballroom dance competition on TV and enjoyed it, and asked her father if she could one day dance fancy like that. Byrne said that he would dance with her during her sixteenth birthday party. Needless to say, that never materialized.

- After Byrne was killed, Kay lived with Robin's brother and his wife, who had three other children. Two of Kay's cousins were already in college by then - the guy was 20 and taking up computer science, and the girl was 19 and a music major. The third, a boy, was already a sophomore in high school. While her mother's relatives loved her and raised her as their own, her uncle was always going on business trips and would usually be home only for the holidays, or for about a week. Kay ended up closest to her aunt and to some extent, also her cousins, even though they usually had classes and their own friends to think about. Presently, her older cousins have finished college and are working, but remain unmarried, although the guy is already engaged. The younger cousin is still in college, taking up business. Kay's maternal grandparents complete the family; they are generally around all the time but travel every so often.
- Kay still doesn't know how to tell her relatives about Byrne being part of the Yatagarasu and how she herself is carrying on his and Badd's legacy; on one hand, she believes they deserve to know, but on the other, she's not sure how they'd react when they find out that her mother married a vigilante thief.
- Kay never had dogs or cats because her aunt has allergies. But she did keep a fighting fish named Rainbow in her bedroom for a time.
- Her uncle threw her a big party for her sixteenth birthday and danced with her, but it was not the same as hopefully dancing with Byrne. Besides, her uncle wasn't a very good dancer to begin with.
- Her relatives helped her cope after her father's death, but it didn't take long for Kay to recover anyway, and she didn't like it when her cousins avoided the subject around her.

- Kay's best subjects are English and art, although she can't remember all the vocabulary words all the time. Her worst subject is still math, especially trigonometry; just because she can operate Little Thief doesn't mean she has to be a pro with numbers, shush. Speaking of which, yes, she can operate computers pretty well so that's another strong subject.
- She is part of the varsity volleyball team in high school, although she also tried out for the swim team and didn't make it and had to also get her math grades back up. After getting her math straight, she went for volleyball in sophomore year.
- Kay never had a serious boyfriend, but has dated some guys. None of them could "dance fancy" - or ballroom dance, much to her disappointment. They stepped on her feet.
- In elementary school, she always stuck up for girls being bullied and would not hesitate to kick the mean boys, or punch them, or bite them. Which meant she ended up in detention a few times. She was also big on pranks; Kay resorted to pranks to get back at bullies after one too many trips to detention and mastered the art of covering up her tracks.
- She is a member of the hobby club, which is pretty much every kind of gaming + animanga + cosplay + etc., and of course, the volleyball club.
- Kay once wanted to start a band with her friends for a talent show, but it didn't work out. She still sporadically practices playing the guitar, though.

EATING HABITS (copy-pasted from a meme I did once)
Kay's eating habits are nothing special; like any teenager, she is tempted by fast food and sweets (read: SWISS ROLLS) but at the same time, she's old enough to know that too much of something is bad for you. She will sometimes trick her relatives by pretending to sneak food from the pantry or pretending to snatch something off someone's plate (and at times she does it for real) but otherwise, she doesn't disrupt mealtime too much. Um, she doesn't like vegetables but will grudgingly eat them to clear her plate and because she can't deny that they're nutritious. There ARE some vegetables she will eat, especially in a salad or pasta or in burgers; if she can't taste them because they're drizzled with sauce or mixed with other food, the better.

She has a sweet tooth but she doesn't like all kinds of sweets. Anything way too sweet will get a thumbs down. But she will run her finger across cake frosting or nick one of the edible decorations off it if you don't stop her.

Generally she's not very picky and can be an adventurous eater; again, vegetables are the exception. She's likewise adventurous with cooking but not very much because she isn't a very good cook and knows only enough to make simple and basic dishes. But if she gets the hang of something, she will experiment a bit and kind add her own twist or make it better. Kay sometimes cooks at home (whether back home HOME or in Somarium) but when she's feeling lazy or hungry for something else, she will not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial for takeout. The temptation to always have takeout is great, but she needs her allowance, so...

Kay is not a fancy restaurant-type of gal but she will do her best to stay on her best behavior until the atmosphere strangles her and she just HAS to do something to brighten up the place, by either playing a symphony with her spoons and the goblet and the condiment containers, or making loud hints about stealing the fine cutlery, or just striking up random conversation. She prefers more informal restaurants, homey joints, or the typical fast food places. In school, she will take the cafeteria fare but when she has time and wants to try something new, she'll make her own lunch and ask the cafeteria ladies if they'll let her heat it up.

She may or may not take a midnight snack, or snacks in between meals.

HER PERFECT GUY (also C&P'd from meme)
Kay doesn't have a preference between shy/quiet and loud/outgoing, as long as the guy isn't too obnoxious or too boring. She wants someone who will love her for who she is, who will not want her to radically change and throw away her very personality and being and ideals and goals. It doesn't matter too much how the guy will show his love; she's easily impressed by a box of chocolates or a trip to the amusement park (but it goes without saying she'd enjoy more with the latter). What matters is that he will respect what she believes in and her being the Yatagarasu at least, but she'd love it if her guy shared her dedication to truth and justice.

She wants a guy who can keep up with her, who will laugh at her jokes and who will also make her laugh. He doesn't have to be super sporty, but just has to know what she wants and will listen to her when she needs someone to listen to her, and will talk to her, and always know how to break the ice. Kay is a bit of a romantic in this aspect (blame the Jammin' Ninja, maybe) but of course, she understands that guys can't be perfect. I think even if she wants all the aforementioned qualities in a guy, she is willing to give him a chance even if he doesn't meet all the standards if she likes him enough.

Her prince charming doesn't have to save her from everything, by the way. He has to remember that she can also save herself.

So five years from now, Kay will be 22. I think she sees herself going to college to major in languages, because she can't stop at creating a Los Angeles that doesn't need the Yatagarasu. Many criminals and secrets are beyond America and she believes she will be doing a lot of traveling to learn about the truth and all the truths of the world. She also sees herself with the new Yatagarasu, with two other girls who understand the ideals and goals of the Great Thief and when they don't have homework (and sometimes even when they do), they snoop around, look at newspapers, figure out where they're needed.

Kay is considering a law degree to become a prosecutor like her father, but she's still not sure if she can bind herself to the law when the Yatagarasu's goal is to bring justice outside the courts, above the law. Also because she knows all too well the kind of dedication and perseverance you would need to have a law degree and to pass the bar exam. But then again, knowing about the law will help her enforce it and bring justice, so it's always an option.

She does NOT see herself getting a boyfriend during that time. Not exactly. But who knows?

If Kay stays in Somarium for five more years and becomes 24, she could go either of two ways. One, she keeps the Yatagarasu alive there with her friends and continues the search for Somarium's secrets while at the same time being Edgeworth's assistant and working with the police force in investigating crime. Two, Edgeworth can successfully talk her into studying law instead, to uphold justice the right way instead of as a thief, and she will learn under his wing and become a prosecutor, adopting the Yatagarasu name only by title and by ideals. The second one, considering Kay's dedication to the Yatagarasu cause, can be unlikely but we do have to consider how much influence Edgeworth now has on her.

Kay relaxes by watching the Jammin' Ninja, without a doubt. When Kay is feeling tired and pops a DVD into the player and hears the theme song and all the other songs and watches the battle scenes, she instantly brightens up and ends up singing and/or dancing along after several minutes of just sitting there going blaaaaarghrgh at the world. It's like...she's rejuvenated again, seeing everyone full of energy on the show. She is also recharged by listening to happy and energetic dance music - sometimes turned all the way up, much to the annoyance of her relatives. I think it doesn't take much to get her back on her feet again, but that depends on what just drained her.

Talking to her friends is also one way to recharge her; she rediscovers her energy from talking to people about the most mundane and silly things, and will eventually start laughing and striking up more conversation.

Also, animals. Give her a playful dog or something cute and fuzzy and she'll be her usual peppy self in a bit. The energy from a happy animal is very contagious. Actually, energy from people around her can work wonders too, because as I've said, talking to her is one way to snap her out of it. Best works with silly and funny and epic things. Put her near someone who's hyped up and she'll try to get up and do the same.

Kay isn't the type to cling to privacy, but she likes a little of it, possibly more, at times, especially when she has her own melancholic moments. She is unafraid to discuss almost anything with friends who are close enough to her or even just acquaintances, although if there's no reason for her to talk about her father's death with someone she doesn't know too much, she'll hold back. I mean seriously, who starts a conversation with THAT? Basically I think information like that is either on a need-to-know basis (she will explain when people see her dreams about her father in Somarium and ask her about that because she knows she can't skirt the issue or lie, considering it's in people's faces) or is fair game. There are people she will tell everything to, and there are people she will tell most things to, and still other people who will either need to earn her trust or find an opportunity to discuss those more sensitive issues.

On TMI, if she's with girls, she doesn't hesitate to talk about girly things like the monthly visitor or having crushes or even basic body problems. With guys, she doesn't unless she really needs someone to listen to her rant and no girl is available at the moment. However, she will definitely hold the gross TMI. Unless she feels like ranting, at which point she will warn her close friends before letting the TMI monster loose.

I think Kay is the type to disprove superstitions - she will walk under a ladder just to say she can and nothing will happen to her, or chase black cats. When she encounters someone who believes in that sort of thing, she is quick to try and show with evidence that superstitions aren't real. When she was a kid, Byrne was often quick to tell her that these things were not real and prosecutors, as heroes of justice, dealt with facts and because of that, they would always win over superstitions. Being raised by a prosecutor, I guess, would make her more inclined to take evidence, but sometimes she likes to fool around with superstitions and pretend, or mess around with people who have superstitions.

On the occult? She's interested, but not obsessed. It's fun to watch movies, read stories, find references in the Jammin' Ninja, but it's not something she thinks about day and night. Again, being the Yatagarasu and having been influenced by Byrne (maybe possibly also by Edgeworth), Kay believes in the power of evidence and is generally very confident in her beliefs. That won't stop her, again, from fooling around and playing pretend.

To add, she believes that superstitions and having so many things like that will tie you down and keep you from having fun.

Kay's biggest long-term goal is, without a doubt, her goal of creating a world that does not need the Yatagarasu, where the law as it stands will be enough, where people don't have to resort to vigilantism to seek the truth or bring justice. In fact, it's so big that she doesn't quite know how to go about that besides starting small and hoping her efforts will be enough to make a difference. In Somarium, she wants to do the same, considering the secrets that have piled up, and has decided to bring all her fellow assistants together to create the new Yatagarasu. Still, this job will be quite big compared to a group of four girls, plus Pearl and Ahiru as assistant assistants.

Her smallest long-term goal right now? In Somarium, I guess it would just be to continue learning how to play the guitar in her spare time, not just because of the Jammin' Ninja and playing the songs from the show would just be awesome, but also because of Stitch, who introduced her to Elvis and made her pick up the guitar after years of...well, not picking it up, according to headcanon. But in canon, I would say it would be...OH WOW THIS IS TAKING ME AGES TO THINK...learning a new language. It's not something terribly important, but Kay thinks this would not only help her think of a secret code or communicate with her fellow Yatagarasu members secretly (well, until someone who knows the same language pops up) but would also help her when she has to tangle with international conflicts again, after the whole embassy thing. Good thing she didn't have to know the language then, but who knows when she'll have to decipher secrets and truths written in a different language? What language exactly? She isn't sure yet. It could also take her places.

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