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Kay Faraday ([personal profile] yatagarasu) wrote2014-04-29 12:43 pm


Backtagging: OK, this is my bread and butter
Threadjacking: OK
4th-walling: OK

- I don't RP slash or smut or anything before or after said smut.
- Hugs are fine.
- Flirting is fine, expect her to troll you right back.
- Kissing is okay within reason, but no makeouts. 
- Relationships...we'll see what happens in the course of the game.

- Talk to me first before potential psychological trauma. She kind of already had her share.
- Fighting or hurting her is okay even if she isn't okay with it. Expect crows in your face.
- Death right now is kind of a no-no. We could plot this out later on if you want.

- If your character has a pet crow or crow companion or any bird closely related to the crow, please let me know if you are NOT COOL with Kay summoning it or ordering it around or even talking to it.
- Let me know if you don't want Kay to imitate your character's voice or any sound they make for any reason.