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application | mask or menace

NAME: Auste
AGE: 24
JOURNAL: [personal profile] ditz
IM / EMAIL: psycholocked@gmail.com | AIM: truthstealer
PLURK: auste

SERIES: Ace Attorney
CHRONOLOGY: After Ace Attorney Investigations.
CLASS: Hero, of course!
HOUSING: Anywhere that needs a happy member of the household.

BACKGROUND: (some bits culled from a past AA character application)

Kay's world is, for the most part, like today's typical modern Earth, with a few marked differences. Besides America, countries such as Borginia, Cohdopia and Zheng Fa, are mentioned. Cohdopia, a principality, was once fractured into the Republic of Babahl and the Kingdom of Allebahst, but as of the end of AAI, it has reunited into Cohdopia once more. Both Cohdopia and Borginia are in Europe, while Zheng Fa is located in Asia. Zheng Fa was once flooded with counterfeit bills thanks to an international smuggling ring, and its economy suffered.

It is 2019, yet some people (Edgeworth) are still surprised that cellphones can take photographs, and videotapes continue to be used. Technology has seen a few breakthroughs such as airplanes spacious enough to house a grand piano and a souvenir shop, and gadgets that can reproduce and tweak holograms of your surroundings. Spirit channeling exists, practiced by spirit mediums who are able to channel the souls of the dead and assume their appearances while serving as vessels for these souls. Supernatural locks bind people's secrets and they can only be seen with powered magatamas.

The legal system is characterized by trials that must be finished in 3 days or less, and a bias toward prosecutors, who are portrayed as prominent and sometimes wealthy figures given more leeway in court and the crime scene. Interpol agents boast of high arrest rates and can take over certain crimes committed in the America of this world. Defense attorneys are not given the same attention as prosecutors.

Seven years before her canon point, Kay's father, Prosecutor Byrne Faraday, formed the Yatagarasu with Calisto Yew, a defense attorney, and Tyrell Badd, a detective. The Yatagarasu was a vigilante group with three legs - a defense attorney who can gain access to the target, a prosecutor with knowledge of security systems and how to get past them, and a detective who can erase all evidence of the Yatagarasu's whereabouts. Their goal was to uncover an international smuggling ring's operations beyond the reach of the law, but Calisto had been a mole from the very beginning, and murdered Byrne to keep him away from the truth.

Now, Kay had always looked up to him as a "Hero of Justice" who put criminals behind bars, and vowed to find her father's killer. When she discovered in a journal that he referred to himself as the Yatagarasu, she assumed that title and searched for Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor who had solved the mystery of Byrne's death and the death of Mack Rell, a witness who had been testifying that day regarding the Yatagarasu. She wanted to find Edgeworth so that they would pursue Calisto together. They found each other at Gatewater Land, an amusement park that became a site for a kidnapping and a murder. Kay ended up assisting Edgeworth, Detective Dick Gumshoe, and Interpol agents Shi-Long Lang and Shih-na in solving the case, and revealed herself as Byrne's daughter, who had been in court with her father the day he was murdered. Edgeworth and Gumshoe soon remembered that they had indeed crossed paths with Kay before.

When the Yatagarasu announced that it would make an appearance at the Allebahst and Babahl Embassies, Kay was certain that it was Calisto Yew, the "fake" Yatagarasu, and together with Gumshoe, Edgeworth, Lang, Badd and Franziska, took on two murder cases in each embassy. The true identity of the Yatagarasu was revealed - it was three persons, which meant that both Calisto and Byrne were indeed the Yatagarasu, along with Badd. Kay had preserved a piece of evidence for seven years in order to corner Calisto, who had posed as Shih-na, Lang's secretary. She was also present when Edgeworth finally found the ringleader of the smuggling ring, and managed to buy some time for everyone by bluffing using her father's journal and Little Thief, a device Byrne had also created to simulate heists.

Kay is the assistant figure of the game, an upbeat young girl who accompanies the protagonist attorney, following Ace Attorney tradition. Though her wild imagination, impulsive behavior and crazy leaps of logic leave a lot to be desired,she manages to prove her worth as Edgeworth's (and Gumshoe's, sometimes) partner in investigation with Little Thief and her own smarts, and even just by actually being serious. As a believer in justice and truth, she looks up to Edgeworth and even compares him to her own father, and compares his relationship with Gumshoe as a working tandem akin to that of Badd and Byrne. She is the voice of encouragement, an optimistic light in the midst of darkness. Even when things seem hopeless and when not even the evidence or the loudest of objections can help, she stays strong and keeps going.

Her commitment to the Yatagarasu's cause speaks volumes regarding her perception of Badd, who she considers an uncle despite the absence of any actual blood relation between them, and Byrne, her father, who remains an inspiration and who deserves to be avenged after that fateful day seven years ago. She has vowed to carry on their legacy, to help create a world that will no longer need the vigilante thief to take on the elements that seem to remain above the law, or one step ahead of it.

PERSONALITY: (as culled from previous applications)

Kay is a cheerful girl with an indomitable spirit, always smiling, cracking jokes, or simply poking fun at the situation at hand. In fact, she can poke fun at almost anything, which leads people to wonder whether or not she's taking serious things as seriously as she should - and which can become annoying. Sometimes her discussions can veer off course, such as while examining evidence or a crime scene. She'll wonder about topics she stumbles upon, or even try to tie everything she says or does to being a thief, but more on that later. With her level of eagerness, she is always ready to try anything, to jump into any situation with her eyes closed - which, of course, can do more harm than good. Kay can be impulsive and easily distracted, but she'll try to get back to business. As for her impulses...well, there are certain things that can trigger them and blind her to reason, leading her into trouble. While she is smart and can catch on to plot developments, she tends to not think things through as thoroughly as she should, and of course, will need a little push and some explanations. Cleverness and resourcefulness do not necessarily make one a genius, after all.

As the Yatagarasu, Kay takes her role very seriously. She is driven by the pursuit of justice and upholds the ideals her father did when he was the first Yatagarasu. Because of her great confidence in her goals and the nobility of her title, she does not hesitate to introduce herself as a Great Thief even within earshot of detectives, Interpol agents and prosecutors. And if anyone freaks out upon realizing that a thief is in their midst, Kay is quick to explain that she only steals the truth. Although of course, as many of her jokes center around her stealing something or another as well as the appraisal of the monetary value of certain items, it can be hard to tell whether she's still pulling your leg or if she really has her eye on other things besides the truth. But during the course of the game, Kay really doesn't make off with anything, not even evidence within her reach. She'll claim to have stolen lines, roles, poses, speaking styles and tactics, though, and emphasize that her only target is the truth. Besides, she hasn't exactly gone on a heist of her own yet, denoting that she still has a long way to go to become truly great as she makes the Yatagarasu out to be. However, her bravery is one thing to be commended; she must certainly be aware of the dangers a vigilante will be facing after finding out that her father was one, yet she chose to carry on the legacy as the second Yatagarasu. Even after her life was in jeopardy at one point, she showed no signs of turning in her three-legged raven badge.

But even as a thief, Kay has certainly done her part in solving two criminal cases (three if we include the case seven years ago where she was, in a manner of speaking, a victim but still wanted to help investigate after having a good cry). Despite her hyper attitude, she's more than willing to lend a hand with a smile on her face and a little wit, and will do her best to keep up with the flow of the investigation. While Kay's logic may not be as sound and leaves a lot to be desired, she certainly tries and has her own eureka moments. Unlike the stereotypical lone wolf thief, she sticks by her friends and colleagues, finding ways to keep the pursuit of the truth going. Despite her friendly demeanor and her generally cheery disposition, Kay does not necessarily get along with everyone. Some people may find her annoying, nosy and getting in the way, but that doesn't stop her. For example, she insisted on tagging along with Miles Edgeworth on his investigation of a kidnapping case despite his attempts to keep her away, supposedly for her own good, but in the end helped him solve the case. Not only that, whenever people are down on their luck and are on the verge of giving up, Kay is often that perky voice that urges people to keep moving forward, as she herself does the same.

She has been through a lot in the past, but Kay doesn't let that get in the way of her present - with the exception of that one moment when she wanted to confront her father's murderer and ended up being held hostage momentarily. A classic example of impulse overriding reason.

POWER: (none are from canon)

Crow manipulation. Kay gains the power to summon crows, communicate with them, teach them, and order them to do her bidding. At the lowest level, she can only summon up to three crows at a time and order them to do fairly simple tasks like finding a person or navigating the city, and it is only with practice that she can begin summoning an entire murder or more to defend her or gather information. This may work, to some extent, to birds closely related to crows such as magpies and ravens (crows are still the best bet), but any farther and her powers will have no effect.

Her crows will not be able to do superhuman tasks or anything impossible, and she cannot grant them human attributes. She will not be able to read their minds, or morph into one. The more crows she summons or controls at a time, the more energy she uses. If she becomes too exhausted, her links to some of the crows will break and she will lose control.

Vocal replication. Kay can imitate any sound or voice she hears, but she must hear it live. It cannot be recorded or transmitted through technology or a different medium apart from air, which means mimicking movie, TV or radio voices and sound effects are out of her league - unless, of course, she is present right on the set. Currently she will need a lot of concentration to be able to perform this perfectly, otherwise she will accidentally slip back into her old voice or create aberrations in her portrayal. With more practice, this will become second nature to her.


[The feed begins with a very happy teenage girl bouncing where she's seated. She rests her chin onto her hand and peers into her screen thoughtfully.]

You know, I've been thinking. There's something missing - I've got my powers, my superhero name, and my outfit should count for a cool costume. And today, I finally figured out what's missing.

[Wait for it...]

A superhero catchphrase! [Kay pumps her fist into the air excitedly, sitting up straighter.] Every great superhero has one. Like... "In the name of the crow, I will dropkick you!" Or maybe, "The Great Thief is here to steal your victory!" I like that last one. It's kinda long, though.

..."I'm gonna steal your victory!" There we go!

I think I've got that part of this superhero gig covered. Now all I need is an archenemy! [She laughs, and adds jokingly:] Applications for the position of "Kay Faraday's Archenemy" are now open!


"...I'm pretty sure flying isn't my power either."

Kay lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. The covers were rumpled, and her pillows were displaced, thanks to all the jumping she had done. But no matter how many times she jumped, she would always fall right back onto the mattress, no matter how hard she concentrated on being able to fly, images of wings, and birds. Flapping her arms in that short period of air time did not work, either.

She was determined to figure it out. Everyone in this place had a power, right? Kay was excited and wanted to know hers, feeling a bit left out while everyone around her discussed powers and using them. It was almost like not having a power at all, and that frustrated her. Would she really be thrown into an entirely different world...and not have any cool souvenirs to show for it?

Kay sat up, frowning. Her brows were furrowed as she went through her options. Flight was out. Laser beams weren't coming out of her eyes any time soon. She would place herself flat against the wall of a coffee shop, but people would still take notice of her rather unorthodox attire. Sticking her fingers into a padlock did not unlock it. She stood up and paced the floor, and then started pacing faster as if hoping she had super speed.

As she paced, she imagined her friends - friends she could protect and help more effectively now, since she was a real live superhero. Their faces were clear in her mind, and they helped lift her spirits. She couldn't give up now, especially for them. Kay could almost imagine Detective Gumshoe, affectionately nicknamed Gummy, patting her on the back and saying, "Don't worry, pal! I'm sure you'll figure it out!"

The words came out of her mouth. Without meaning to, she had spoken them to herself, and when she did, she did not hear her voice. Kay did not hear her pretend Gummy voice either. No, it was as if Gumshoe was in the same room as her, encouraging her. She gasped, hands flying to her mouth, heart thrumming a song of thrill in her chest. She stood there beside her bed, wondering if this was finally the answer.

Kay tried again. "Hey, pal, I could use a Swiss roll right now!" And it came out perfectly. It was so perfect that she couldn't help but do a little jig in place, excited to put her power to use. Okay, it wasn't exactly invisibility or super pickpocketing, but it could be useful.

FINAL NOTES: Kay will be entering the game with Little Thief, a device that allows her to create holographic representations of crime scenes and to manipulate them as she sees fit. It was originally for planning heists, but replicating crime scenes is what it does in Ace Attorney Investigations (also, Edgeworth would have none of that heist-planning business, of course).