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Kay Faraday ([personal profile] yatagarasu) wrote2015-12-30 08:13 pm
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ryslig thread tracker.


12/29/15 -- KAY feels changes in the air.
12/29/15 -- FORD has priorities.
12/30/15 -- HARUKA is probably not a mermaid.
01/04/16 -- HINATA got a better fireworks view.
01/04/16 -- EDGEWORTH just came to dinner.


01/29/16 -- KAY is hoofin' it.
01/31/16 -- MIKE offers a bite of werewolf.
01/31/16 -- RIN could use a hand, or wing.
02/05/16 -- STAN is a punderful influence.
02/08/16 -- SONIA & IBUKI are so new to this.
02/10/16 -- VERGIL says minotaurs stink.


02/27/16 -- EDGEWORTH is Kay's willing victim.
03/02/16 -- OLIVER killed a little girl.
03/05/16 -- FORD needs a leg up.
03/10/16 -- KAITO is also ready to rumble.
03/11/16 -- MAHIRU would rather be a bear.
03/18/16 -- APOLLO was dead.

Code by [community profile] bannertech.

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