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NAME: Kay Faraday
AGE: 17
CANON: Video game
CANON POINT: After Ace Attorney Investigations 2

PERSONALITY: Kay is a cheerful girl with an indomitable spirit, always smiling, cracking jokes, or simply poking fun at the situation at hand. In fact, she can poke fun at almost anything, which leads people to wonder whether or not she's taking serious things as seriously as she should. That, of course, becomes a source of annoyance, especially for Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor she assists - or rather, insists on assisting. Her discussions can veer off course at the wrong times, such as while examining evidence, asking a witness questions, or investigating crime scenes. She will allude to potential pranks, or even pranks she has already played on people. She'll wonder about topics she stumbles upon and allow her imagination to carry her too far, or even try to tie everything she says or does to being a thief, but more on that later.

With her level of eagerness, she is always ready to try anything, to jump into any situation with her eyes closed with barely a thought for the consequences. Kay can be impulsive and easily distracted, but she'll try to get back to business. There are certain things that can trigger her impulses and blind her to reason, leading her into trouble, such as confronting her father's killer or when, while she was an amnesiac, she felt that she had caused Edgeworth far too much trouble. At times she just blurts out what she wants to say especially when her imagination gets the better of her and when she feels that she has to speak her mind, never mind what's going on or who's around her. While she is smart, smart enough to operate a holographic simulation tool, catch on to plot developments and find contradictions, she tends to not think things through as thoroughly as she should, and of course, will need a little push and some explanations...and reminders to stay on-topic. Kay may be clever and resourceful, but she's no genius.

As the Great Thief Yatagarasu, Kay takes her role very seriously. She is driven by the pursuit of justice and upholds the ideals her father did when he was part of the first Yatagarasu. Because of her great confidence in her goals and the nobility of her title, she does not hesitate to introduce herself as a Great Thief even within earshot of detectives, judges, Interpol agents and lawyers. And if anyone freaks out upon realizing that a thief is in their midst, Kay is quick to explain that she only steals the truth. Of course, as many of her jokes center around her stealing something or another as well as the appraisal of the monetary value of certain items, it can be hard to tell whether she's still pulling your leg or if she really has her eye on other things besides the truth. But during the course of the games, Kay really doesn't make off with anything, not even evidence within her reach. She'll claim to have stolen lines, roles, poses, speaking styles, tactics, even kidnap victims (stealing them back from being kidnapped, yes), and emphasize that her only target is the truth. She still has a long way to go to become truly as great as she makes the Yatagarasu out to be. However, her bravery is one thing to be commended; she must certainly be aware of the dangers a vigilante will be facing after finding out that her father was one, yet she chose to carry on the legacy as the second Yatagarasu. Even after her life was in jeopardy at one point, she showed no signs of turning in her three-legged raven badge.

But even as a thief, Kay has certainly done her part in solving criminal cases (including the case seven years ago where she lost her father). Despite her hyper attitude and flights of fancy, she's more than willing to lend a hand with a smile on her face and a little wit, and will do her best to keep up with the flow of the investigation. Kay will always ask what she can do and how she can help. While Kay's logic may not be as sound and leaves a lot to be desired, she certainly tries and has her own eureka moments.

Unlike the stereotypical lone wolf thief, she sticks by her friends and colleagues, finding ways to keep the pursuit of the truth going. Despite her friendly demeanor and her generally cheery disposition, Kay does not necessarily get along with everyone. Some people may find that she's nosy and gets in the way, but that doesn't stop her. For example, she insisted on tagging along with Edgeworth on his investigation of a kidnapping case despite his attempts to keep her away, supposedly for her own good, but in the end she helped him solve the case. Not only that, whenever people are down on their luck and are on the verge of giving up, Kay is often that perky voice that urges people to keep moving forward, as she herself does the same.

She has been through a lot in the past, but Kay doesn't let that get in the way of her present - with the exception of that one moment when she wanted to confront her father's murderer and ended up being held hostage momentarily. A classic example of impulse overriding reason. And at the close of Ace Attorney Investiagtions 2, she even declares that she doesn't want to just follow her father's path. She'll keep the Yatagarasu title, but will strive to be a hero in her own way, working in a team with Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe.

ABILITIES: Kay is physically fit enough to run fast (she can certainly outrun a man nine years older than she is), jump down from considerable heights (higher than she is, like those lockers in The Kidnapped Turnabout) and land properly without hurting herself. She has also mentioned a fondness for the dropkick (and she has delivered one in canon at the age of ten), suggesting that she can probably defend herself should the need arise, albeit crudely. At the very least, she has the tenacity for defense and physical work.

Besides her athleticism, she's also got a few mental tricks up her sleeve as well. Kay can pull off a bluff when she has to and keep up with logical deductions made during investigations - although sometimes she'll need a foothold or two along the way and definitions of those big words. While she's no genius, she's clever enough to figure out some ways to make use of her surroundings and available resources to her advantage if she puts her mind to it. Well, one would have to be pretty smart to operate Little Thief, a portable device that can create holographic simulations of people, items and places with the correct data input. From that, one can assume Kay has, at least, a good hand with technology and gadgets.

She also likes to mimic people at times; she can be pretty good at it.

- Little Thief
- A camera
- Photograph with Edgeworth and Gumshoe
- A box of matches
- Her cellphone
- The promise notebook she made with her father
- Lockpicks
- Some rope

MEMORY ALTERATION: Following the events of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Kay will receive news of a robbery case at a nearby water park. She heads over to said water park to see what's going on, but when she arrives, the place is strangely empty. Kay wanders the park and comes across an empty control room near an aquarium. She enters it, accidentally upsets a switch that locks her inside, and suddenly the room seems to jolt about and move. The monitors, instead of showing the video feed from the security cameras around the park, begin showing nothing but ocean and marine creatures. As the "room" glides forward, it avoids passing animals, large rocks, and tangles of seaweed, resulting in a bumpy ride that jiggles her around inside until she hits her head and blacks out.

When she wakes up, she's already at the base, and there seems to be no sign of the vehicle, whatever it is, anywhere.

SAMPLE: Sample from the TDM!

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