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Don't worry, the Yatagarasu doesn't steal Christmas! )

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[Ah, December 9. Just another ordinary day for many of you guys, but not for this thief (at least, according to my headcanon). She's beaming over the network...beaming so much even though her hair is still loose and not yet restrained in its usual ponytail and massive key hairpin. At least she's already out of her pajamas. And she has long since recovered from her injuries from trying to take on that giant statue, oh yes.]

As of today, I'm officially eighteen years old! I can't believe I've been in Somarium long enough to actually celebrate my birthday in it! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

[She stops in mid-song, then snaps her fingers as if she discovered something way important. Then she proceeds with tying her hair.]

I should get myself a present. But I don't have a lot of money...maybe my present to myself should be a job, and then I can buy a real present. Even great thieves like me need day jobs! Especially since I haven't found any good truths lately...Somarium's good at keeping them all locked up...

[Aaaaaand that hairpin will now slide smoothly into her ponytail.] Or better yet, I should start asking Mr. Edgeworth to pay me for my assistant services! Hey, Mr. Edgeworth! If you can see this, you should probably start paying me from now on!

[...Kay, as if you weren't enough of a freeloader already. You hang out at his place far too often.]
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[Hey guys, remember this girl? She may or may not have been sighted TP-ing up your houses for Halloween. And she's about to get what's coming because she is SO BUSTED. In fact, right now, she is on the receiving end of a good scolding from her boss (and possibly guardian figure), who is standing in front of her with a very disapproving frown and crossed arms.

Kay, for her part, is defiant and determined to out-argue Edgeworth - and if she's lucky, escape getting grounded.]

But it's not like anyone got hurt! It was only a prank!

[Her fists are clenched; she's obviously on the losing end so far.]

Even without physical harm, this "prank" of yours has other consequences for the homeowners whose houses you have vandalized.

["Vandalized" was such a strong word.] Besides, it was Halloween! [Those homeowners should've prepared themselves, or expected this. Come on, it was tradition! Sort of.]

Holidays are no excuse for delinquent behavior. 

[She glares right back at him. What was she, a criminal? TP-ing houses wasn't a crime, it was a universally recognized prank! Sensing a possible grounding on the horizon and under pressure from this discussion, Kay snaps back - perhaps more harshly than she intended, because her next words are:]

Ugh! Mr. Edgeworth, you're not my dad! [So stop scolding her like one! Yes, she had compared him to her dad, but in the end, he...well, wasn't. Not quite. And this was not a life-threatening situation, this was only Halloween pranking.]

I may not be your father, but - [His words are cut short as he suddenly falls to the floor. Kay lets out a small scream of shock, all defiance gone. She quickly drops beside him; what was that all about? Was it something she said? On impulse, she checks his pulse (no pun intended). There is no reaction from him of any sort, no indication that he was going to continue chiding her...]


[...it seems to be a sleep coma. Kay knew those all too well; she had been in one for over a month. Yes, he was now asleep. Off-screen, she calls for help. When she stands up, she realizes that the Dreamberry she left somewhere has been recording this entire time. She will switch it off, but first...]

Stitch! Mr. Edgeworth's in a sleep coma! 

[OOC: Just in case, blue is Kay and red is Edgeworth.]
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Effects: Viewing or interacting with this dream will take you into the Harry Potter universe - or create an Ace Attorney costume change. Characters can enter and interact with the dream at any point before Kay wakes up, and/or react accordingly after she wakes up.
Warnings: This dream is currently rated G for GEEZ HOW LONG HAS KAY BEEN ASLEEP

take a risk, take a chance, make a change )

[...and then you hear a thump as the dream ends, followed by the clatter of her Dreamberry. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kay Faraday struggling in the iron grip of...the blankets. For a moment only her head and hat are visible.

Wait, hat?

Yes, she has a black, pointed wizard hat. Give her a few moments to notice what has happened as she disentangles herself.]

...ow! Ugh...how long was I out? I can't believe I've been sleeping on the job - 

[The blankets are finally off, and this time, Kay is seated on the floor, clad in the same Hogwarts robes she was wearing in her dream. Her white shirt and a tie with blue and white stripes are visible under said robes, and it seems that the only item left from her usual outfit would be her pink knee socks. She glances down at her new clothes, examines her robes, and tries to take them off (well, she still has the white shirt and a skirt underneath). But all efforts are futile. Next, Kay attempts to tug her hat off her head, but with no success.]

Wh...what's going on?! I'm not still dreaming, right?

[Kay reaches for her Dreamberry, rubbing her eyes.]

No way! October already?! Does this mean this is some kind of Halloween trick?

[OOC: This can be action for anyone in Edgeworth's apartment, because yes, Kay fell asleep at his place again. This time, on his bed.]
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Warnings: None? Yeah, pretty much. Unless you consider pictures of younger!Kay and her father spoilery, but they're in link form so you can opt not to click on them.

Effects: Don't be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing about your parents, or your childhood in general. Warm and fuzzy feelings. General nostalgia. ]

a big comedian on late night TV... )

[The dream ends, and anyone who has been to Edgeworth's apartment will recognize the couch Kay is lying on. She is still fully dressed; clearly she had not intended to fall asleep on his couch.

Somewhere in her gaze was a glint of longing, of nostalgia.

And then the feed ends as well.]

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[Hello, Somarium. This is Kay, with a shiny guitar that looks pretty new. She plucks a few strings, and then launches into the chords of Jailhouse Rock, by The King himself, looking and sounding very confident as she goes. Instead of remaining on her seat, she stands up and tries to dance around while playing.

Now, Kay is neither a good singer nor an accomplished guitarist. She misses a few chords every so often, gets a few strings wrong, and her pitches aren't perfect, but she deserves credit for trying. At least her singing voice isn't the annoying sort you'd hear on drunken karaoke nights; she clearly practiced a bit before this performance, and she doesn't scream the words. And of course, she keeps on going instead of going OH DARN IT I GOT IT WRONG or anything like that.

When she's done, she flops onto the bed, sets the guitar aside and waves.]

Happy Elvis Day! It doesn't look like Stitch is gonna wake up any time soon, so I decided to get started. If he does get up later, we'll do a duet, just like in the Elvis special of the Jammin' Ninja! If only I had my DVDs...

... [Now she's looking thoughtful, and a little concerned.]

I hope he wakes up soon. Elvis Day would be more fun with him around.

[Hmmm, what else, what else? She strokes her chin in thought.]

Oh yeah, I heard there was gonna be a police party! [The thief sits up again, clasping her hands together and...heck, she even forgets to just take this part of the transmission to a private call.] Mr. Edgeworth, can we go? Can we? Please?

Now I really hope Stitch wakes up! He could come with us!
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[ Warnings: Violence, death, blood
Effects: None...again. ]

though your smile has gone, we will never be apart )

[And Kay sits up, wide awake and breathing hard...and she may be sweating a bit. She looks around her room several times before grabbing her Dreamberry and switching it off without another word. Yeesh, this again?]
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[For anyone in the vicinity AKA First District of Somni, you might just notice a girl standing in front of that water park, talking excitedly into her Dreamberry.]

I can't believe there's a water park here! You know what this means? We gotta investigate that water park! [If you know what I mean. There's a mischievous lilt in her voice. "Investigate". Suuuuure. If by "investigate" she means "tear it up like there's no tomorrow and have the time of your life", then yes, let's investigate. One can tell she's grinning while speaking, even.]

That huge twisty slide looks really suspicious. I should investigate that first!
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[A long, loud, exhausted sigh. And the sound of someone flopping onto a mattress.]

Some customers should really learn how to make up their minds. I've got better things to do than run to the kitchen and back again just because people can't decide what to eat or drink!

Ugh. [Muffled. Someone just face-pillowed.]
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[ Warnings: Talk of murder but nothing too gory. I'll try to keep any Ace Attorney Investigations spoilers out of the comments as well, although the dream itself should be free of them - as long as you don't overthink the dream.
Effects: None. ]

my defense is down so just give me a reason... )

[Kay switches on the phone. She is lying in bed and staring up at the Dreamberry she's holding up over her head. Sleepily she addresses her question as she brushes her tousled hair out of her face, out of her widening green eyes.]

...was that what they meant...about showing people's dreams?
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[OOC: I'll be very late tagging you guys back; I have two exams tomorrow and right now I'm pretty much just trying to chill out.]

[For a moment, you will see nothing but a great expanse of grass...and then a gloved hand, as the view changes from green to green and blue. Lake Meridian is in the background, after all. A young girl's voice can be heard.]

- ow! Ow, ow! I guess I'm really not dreaming. All those pinches hurt.

[Said young girl finally looks into the Dreamberry curiously, rubbing one eye with her free hand.]

Anyway, can anyone hear me? I was just sleeping, and then I woke up to the smell of grass and found these cards, and...is this supposed to be mine? It's a pretty cool phone...If no one wants it, can I have it?


Okay, seriously, did I sleepwalk or something?

[Then she turns to her left, to the invisible barrier.]
And...is that a desert?
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[Character Name] Kay Faraday
[Canon] Ace Attorney
[Point Taken from Canon] After Ace Attorney Investigations 1

[Age] 17
[Gender] F
[Sexual Orientation] Heterosexual

[Eye Color] Dark green
[Hair Color] Black
[Height] 163cm (about 64.17 inches, translating to 5 feet, 4.17 inches)
[Other] N/A
[Clothing] HOLD IT!

Rest under the cut. )


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