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When no other bird dares to take flight... alone soars to shine the light of righteousness on the world's blight!

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Name:Kay Faraday
Birthdate:Dec 7

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badger get, being daddy's little thief, being edgeworth's assistant, being the yatagarasu, byrne faraday, chasing bad guys, conspiracies, courtroom vending machines, cravats are handkerchiefs, crows, detectives, dick gumshoe, edgeworth impressions, edgeworth's nnngghhooooooh face, embassies are for heists, evidence, flashback tiemz, franziska von karma, fun, gatewater land, group pictures, gummy, handcuff-shaped notepads, heists, hoarding cravats, investigation, jammin ninja, jumping out of windows, justice, keys, kicking bully prosecutors, ladders are for heists, little thief, making grand entrances, making promises with daddy, miles edgeworth, mr. edgeworth steals hearts, mysteries, ninjas, notepad-shaped handcuffs, obviously not calisto yew, popping balloons, preserving evidence, pretending to steal evidence, prosecutors, ravens, reproducing crime scenes, rescuing frilly prosecutors, rope ladders, scarves, secrets, shi-long lang, stealing, stealing gummy's role, swiss rolls, teasing detectives and prosecutors, thievery, tricking people, truth, tyrell badd, uncle badd, wearing huge hairpins, wolfy
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