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Effects: Viewing or interacting with this dream will take you into the Harry Potter universe - or create an Ace Attorney costume change. Characters can enter and interact with the dream at any point before Kay wakes up, and/or react accordingly after she wakes up.
Warnings: This dream is currently rated G for GEEZ HOW LONG HAS KAY BEEN ASLEEP

take a risk, take a chance, make a change )

[...and then you hear a thump as the dream ends, followed by the clatter of her Dreamberry. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kay Faraday struggling in the iron grip of...the blankets. For a moment only her head and hat are visible.

Wait, hat?

Yes, she has a black, pointed wizard hat. Give her a few moments to notice what has happened as she disentangles herself.]

...ow! Ugh...how long was I out? I can't believe I've been sleeping on the job - 

[The blankets are finally off, and this time, Kay is seated on the floor, clad in the same Hogwarts robes she was wearing in her dream. Her white shirt and a tie with blue and white stripes are visible under said robes, and it seems that the only item left from her usual outfit would be her pink knee socks. She glances down at her new clothes, examines her robes, and tries to take them off (well, she still has the white shirt and a skirt underneath). But all efforts are futile. Next, Kay attempts to tug her hat off her head, but with no success.]

Wh...what's going on?! I'm not still dreaming, right?

[Kay reaches for her Dreamberry, rubbing her eyes.]

No way! October already?! Does this mean this is some kind of Halloween trick?

[OOC: This can be action for anyone in Edgeworth's apartment, because yes, Kay fell asleep at his place again. This time, on his bed.]
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Warnings: None? Yeah, pretty much. Unless you consider pictures of younger!Kay and her father spoilery, but they're in link form so you can opt not to click on them.

Effects: Don't be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing about your parents, or your childhood in general. Warm and fuzzy feelings. General nostalgia. ]

a big comedian on late night TV... )

[The dream ends, and anyone who has been to Edgeworth's apartment will recognize the couch Kay is lying on. She is still fully dressed; clearly she had not intended to fall asleep on his couch.

Somewhere in her gaze was a glint of longing, of nostalgia.

And then the feed ends as well.]

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[ Warnings: Violence, death, blood
Effects: None...again. ]

though your smile has gone, we will never be apart )

[And Kay sits up, wide awake and breathing hard...and she may be sweating a bit. She looks around her room several times before grabbing her Dreamberry and switching it off without another word. Yeesh, this again?]
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[ Warnings: Talk of murder but nothing too gory. I'll try to keep any Ace Attorney Investigations spoilers out of the comments as well, although the dream itself should be free of them - as long as you don't overthink the dream.
Effects: None. ]

my defense is down so just give me a reason... )

[Kay switches on the phone. She is lying in bed and staring up at the Dreamberry she's holding up over her head. Sleepily she addresses her question as she brushes her tousled hair out of her face, out of her widening green eyes.]

...was that what they meant...about showing people's dreams?


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