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[ Warnings: Violence, death, blood
Effects: None...again. ]

though your smile has gone, we will never be apart )

[And Kay sits up, wide awake and breathing hard...and she may be sweating a bit. She looks around her room several times before grabbing her Dreamberry and switching it off without another word. Yeesh, this again?]
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[For anyone in the vicinity AKA First District of Somni, you might just notice a girl standing in front of that water park, talking excitedly into her Dreamberry.]

I can't believe there's a water park here! You know what this means? We gotta investigate that water park! [If you know what I mean. There's a mischievous lilt in her voice. "Investigate". Suuuuure. If by "investigate" she means "tear it up like there's no tomorrow and have the time of your life", then yes, let's investigate. One can tell she's grinning while speaking, even.]

That huge twisty slide looks really suspicious. I should investigate that first!
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[OOC: I'll be very late tagging you guys back; I have two exams tomorrow and right now I'm pretty much just trying to chill out.]

[For a moment, you will see nothing but a great expanse of grass...and then a gloved hand, as the view changes from green to green and blue. Lake Meridian is in the background, after all. A young girl's voice can be heard.]

- ow! Ow, ow! I guess I'm really not dreaming. All those pinches hurt.

[Said young girl finally looks into the Dreamberry curiously, rubbing one eye with her free hand.]

Anyway, can anyone hear me? I was just sleeping, and then I woke up to the smell of grass and found these cards, and...is this supposed to be mine? It's a pretty cool phone...If no one wants it, can I have it?


Okay, seriously, did I sleepwalk or something?

[Then she turns to her left, to the invisible barrier.]
And...is that a desert?


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